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Charity chit chat’s broad focus is ‘Concerning Charity’ where chit chat will highlight problems of control, integrity and general performance within registered charities and related sectors. This will highlight concerns include contrasts with  business and good practice. Using analysis of published reports and accounts from selected organisations it is intended to help illuminate their scale and relative efficiency and effectiveness. By expressing concerns it may be possible, in our current posts section, to provide insights into improvements for deeper investigation and consideration.

Secondly Charity Chit Chat (CCC) will try to broaden the general knowledge about the complexity of our charitable world. Some pages of background information on charitable purpose and objectives are available. Resources includes links for those thinking about charity  as a career plus some of the  key organisations and contact points for those already involved with a charity.

It is not the intention of CCC to question or criticise the need for any particular charitable work or purpose. Rather we would encourage more charitable output and economic results via more and better activity.

Charity chit chat continues to develop content for publication but the cameos under the ‘current posts’ tab may be of some interest. It is also simple to search within CCC using the box (type your query here) top right.