The advancement of environmental protection or improvement

The advancement of environmental protection and improvement includes preservation and conservation of the natural environment and the promotion of sustainable development. Conservation of the environment includes the conservation of a particular animal, bird, or other species or ‘wildlife’ in general; a specific plant species, habitat or area of land, including areas of natural beauty and scientific interest; flora, fauna and the environment generally.

Examples of the sorts of charities and charitable purposes falling within this description include:

  • charities concerned with conservation of flora, fauna or the environment generally
  • charities concerned with conservation of a particular geographical area
  • charities concerned with conservation of a particular species
  • zoos
  • the promotion of sustainable development and biodiversity
  • the promotion of recycling and sustainable waste management
  • research projects into the use of renewable energy sources

Selection of Related Charities

1081247 WWF -UK The world wild life fund is a £70m pa fund conserving biological diversity
1128297  African Wildlife Foundation is an example of a UK charity with the overseas purpose of ensuring wildlife of Africa will endure forever.
207238  Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts promotes conservation and the study of nature.

281681  Friends of the Earth Trust Limited is committed to the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment.

 306077  The North of England Zoological Society spends £35m on Chester Zoo
208080  The Hardy Plant Society conserves rarer and lesser known hardy plants.

1106893 The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation focuses on working for the survival of tigers, elephants, rhinos and other critically endangered mammals in the wild.