The relief of those in need,

There are a variety of charitable purposes which are directed towards the relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial or other disadvantage. This includes relief given by the provision of accommodation and care to such persons.

Examples of the sorts of charities and charitable purposes falling within this description include:

  • charities concerned with the care, upbringing or establishment in life of children or young people, eg children’s care homes; apprenticing, etc
  • charities concerned with the relief of the effects of old age, such as those providing specialist advice, equipment or accommodation, drop-in centres, etc
  • charities concerned with the relief of disability, such as those providing specialist advice, equipment or accommodation or providing access for disabled people, etc
  • charities concerned with the provision of housing, such as almshouses, housing associations and Registered Social Landlord

Examples of homeless & need based charities

214779 – The Salvation Army is arguably the most significant charity in this field with over £200m annual income 2,760 paid employees and 10,000 volunteers, and a history going back to 1847. Services include drop in centres, lunch clubs, parent and toddler groups, debt advice, youth clubs, after school clubs & emergency food parcels.
 1082947 – Crisis UK has grown through its Crisis at Christmas campaigns spending £30m in 2016.
1169217 -Birmingham homeless outreach is at the other end of the scale going around Birmingham feeding the homeless people   7 day a week and 365 day a year. This represents all such similar charities and groups that provide similar relief to those in need.
269838 Butterflies children’s disability fund assisst disabled children and their carers through funding, or part-funding, the provision of specialist equipment.