The advancement of animal welfare

Animal welfare is big business in the charity world and it can encompass any purpose directed towards the prevention or suppression of cruelty or suffering to animals.
As with all charities the beneficiary must be the general public or part thereof not the animal .

Examples of the nature and sorts of charities include:

  • Charities promoting kindness and to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals  – 219099 RSPCA and 172 other branches
  • Animal sanctuaries – 264818 The Donkey Sanctury
  • The provision of veterinary care and treatment –  208217 PDSA
  • Charities concerned with the care and re-homing of animals that are abandoned, mistreated or lost –  227253 Dogs Trust
  • Feral animal control & neutering  1144830 Feline Care – Cat and Rabbit rescue.
  • 595 registered and removed charities have ‘animal’ in their name and many more are species specific eg 1141122 -German Shepherd Dog Rescue.
  •  1147356 – British Hen Welfare Trust intending to improve the living conditions of commercial laying hens and providing home destined for slaughter.

 founded 1886

Not totally  on Purpose

An association formed to lobby for a ban on performing animals is probably not legally deemed charitable and would fail to be registered for being  a political purpose aiming to change the law. A broader purpose to provide care and welfare for animals including circus and other performing animals may be acceptable.

The World Wide Fund for Nature is not exclusively focused on animals. As an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961 the WWF UK raises £70m per annum and employs over 300 staff.