Promotion of the efficiency of the armed forces

The UK government is primarily responsible for the security of UK citizens. Augmenting the support and efficiency of the armed forces,  police, fire, rescue services and ambulance services is a suitable charitable activity.

Providing equipment or services and encouraging recruitment, fitness and capability would probably fit within this charitable purpose plus:

  •  such charitable means as the trustees shall think fit including but not limited to raising physical fitness, fostering espirit de corps and enhancing morale through participation in sports and adventure training.
  • The advancement of any charitable purpose benefiting serving and former serving personnel of the British Army (including its auxiliary and reserve forces), and the dependants of such persons.
  • The support and encouragement of the Army Cadet Force and Army contingents of the Combined Cadet Force by such charitable means as the trustees think fit, including but not limited to the promotion of the physical fitness, development and training of its members.

Selected example charities

  • 1123854  ASCB Charitable Fund  meets its objectives by making an annual grant to the 42 sports associations/unions. Making grants from the army sports lottery  to individual sportsmen/women and making grants for garrison/units for sports
  • 1123854  Army Sports Lottery   does not represent the views or policies of the MOD. The MOD/Army neither provides control, direction, nor any resources or funding.
  • 110044 Team Army Sports Foundation