The advancement of health or the saving of lives

This   sector with the purpose of ‘advancement of health or the saving of lives’ includes some of the largest and most crucial British charities. Such charitable giants includes;  220949 The British Red Cross Society, 205533 Nuffield Health,  210183 Welcome Trust,  1026588 Medecins Sans Frontieres (UK) and many and various Cancer charities.

The relief of sickness extends beyond the treatment or provision of care, such as a hospital, to the provision of items, services and facilities to ease the suffering or assist the recovery of people who are sick, convalescent, disabled or infirm or to provide comforts for patients.

The saving of lives includes a range of charitable activity directed towards saving people whose lives are in danger and protecting life and property.

Examples of advancement of health or the saving of lives

  • medical research charities;
  • charities that provide medical treatment, care and healing, such as hospitals and healing centres, and associated work;
  • charities that provide comforts, items, services and facilities for people who are sick, convalescent, disabled or infirm, eg Hospital Radio;
  • charities that provide services and facilities for medical practitioners, such as homes for nurses;
  • charities that ensure the proper standards of medical practice, eg the General Medical Council
  • charities that promote activities that have a proven beneficial effect on health
  • charities that provide rescue services, such as lifeboats, mountain rescue, fire, ambulance, air ambulance and first aid services, or which assist for example by providing emergency radio communication at national and local disasters
  • charities set up to assist the victims of natural disasters or war
  • the provision of life saving or self defence classes
  • the provision of blood transfusion services

Other Notes

A simple key word search of the charity commission data base highlights 1000+ cancer, 700+ mental health, 500+ heart and 120 brain related charities. There are 4,168 hospital, 1,000+ medical and 400 hospice charities both registered and removed. Even allowing for some duplication and obsolescence this is a major force of charitable effort, support and perceived need.
The prevention or relief of sickness, disease or human suffering, as well as the promotion of health encompasses conventional methods as well as complementary, alternative or holistic methods which are concerned with healing mind, body and spirit in the alleviation of symptoms and the cure of illness. To be charitable there needs to be sufficient evidence of the efficacy of the method to be used.