The advancement of citizenship or community development

The advancement of citizenship or community development covers a broad group of charitable purposes directed towards support for social and community infrastructure which is focused on the community rather than the individual. It was partially high-jacked in 2010 by the political philosophy of the ‘Big Society’.

Examples of the sorts of charities and charitable purposes falling within this description include:

  • the promotion of civic responsibility and good citizenship, such as good citizenship award  schemes, Scout and Guide groups etc
  • the promotion of urban and rural regeneration
  • the promotion of volunteering
  • the promotion of the voluntary sector
  • promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the effective use of charitable resources
  • the promotion of community capacity building
  • charities concerned with social investment

Citizenship and Community

Over 600 active Scout and Sea Scout troops have charitable status. They and all other similar groups play a key part in society and contribute to the British culture.
There are 9,600 registered community charities  including local community halls and support organisations.
1116759  Brymbo & Tanyfron regeneration trust based in the Wrexham area.
278837  Reach Volunteering seek to provide no or low-cost access to skills for resource-poor charities and public organisations via volunteering and trustees
1089932  The Prince’s regeneration trust focuses mainly on socially and economically deprived areas; places that will benefit most from the regeneration of the wider community by advocating for important buildings at risk of demolition or decay so they are preserved, regenerated and re-used.
296072 –  Consumers’ Association that is also known as ‘Which’ was registered 1987 is a mega charity that takes on an educational role to protect consumers. Not only does it help monitor standards but has some enforcement roles.