Charities in the Pandemic

Charities and the Charity Retail Association (CRA) are pleading for more sector specific assistance  from the UK government in the light of the current pandemic.  This is designed to help replace some of the income from public fundraising, investment income, foundation income, contract income and income from the private sector. All very well but more self-help is also called for.

  • Many parts of the charity sector have long been focused on growing and extending their scope and coverage and now may be a good time to focus on core activities and virus generated need.
  • Some larger charities should adopt smaller well focused organisations and give them preferential support and help.
  • There are dramatic reserves and financial resources in many often older charities that are not well utilised. They should be repurposed and spent to help alleviate suffering caused by the current plague.
  • Internationally financial management is in disarray and will continue for some time. Now is not the time for charities to ‘hunker down’ as their reserves plummet but rather to anticipate realistic support for rebuilding after to problems abate.

MP’s and charity support organisations ask for more help.


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