Charities Performing In The Dark

You wouldn’t think that large national charities could turn away lucrative sponsorship and corporate membership but that is what the The RSC (212481) and The Royal National Theater (224223) are doing. The financial contributions from BP, Shell and Equinor are no longer acceptable according to climate change activists and these  ‘national treasures’ charities have bowed to their demands.

Other publicly supported organisations including the Science Museum group, The National Gallery and the British Museum are also potentially being targeted.

Comment and Concerns

  • I assume all future performances will be undertaken without the use of light and heating which has been generated from fossil fuels!
  • The public purse should not be used to fill the funding gaps created by the virtue signalling rejection of BP and Shell’s funding support. The charities should now ‘cut their cloth’ appropriately.
  • Are trustees acting in the best interests of their charities

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