Conkers Charity – Top of the Tree

And the winner is …… a conker or to be more specific Aesculus hippocastanum the Horse Chestnut tree which has been been crowned the UK’s Favourite Tree in a public poll by The Royal Society of Biology (RSB)  277981.

This first place was won with only 675  votes in the house magazine Biology Week 2017 poll. This shows how few votes some organisations need to make significant and sometimes distorted claims.

The Royal Society of Biology

The RSB is a membership organisation  advising government and influencing policy; advancing education and professional development and engaging and encouraging public interest in biology and the life sciences. The terms biology, biosciences, life sciences, and biological sciences are used interchangeably to encompass all areas of the science of life from molecules, through whole organisms to ecosystems. It appears to be well funded and able to conduct a large range of scientific and educational activities. This includes numerous awards, grants of up to £500 to put on local biology events and sponsoring the British Biology Olympiad. Charles Darwin House is co-owned by RSB one of six learned societies most of which are charities concerned with various branches of biology and its applications.


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