Donation for Homeless Used by Salvationist

Major Nottle the leader of the Salvation Army in Australia has defended his organisation’s actions after his daughter was given tickets to a Paul McCartney concert  that had been donated to give ‘a bit of a lift’ for homeless people. Chris McDonald, the donor and a former homeless person was surprised to see two well-dressed people in the allocated seats and he discovered they were  Major Nottle’s daughter and her partner. “I have been a recipient of their relief so I know how important the work they do is, but the golden rule is never to dip your hand into the donations – it calls the integrity of the entire organisation into dispute.”

Denying the Unacceptable

  1. “It had absolutely nothing to do with me,” Major Nottle told Radio 3AW. Thus spoke a true leader.
  2. “The manager did the ring around of other homeless people and volunteer staff and wasn’t able to move them [the tickets] because it was so late.” And also because most homeless people do not have telephones.
  3. “When you’re working with homeless people, to be blunt, do homeless people need tickets to Paul McCartney or do they need a roof over their head?” Well the donor had personal experience and this sort of comment is crass.
  4. The Salvation Army will reimburse the donor for all seven tickets, Nottle said, adding that concert tickets were not an appropriate donation for homeless people. Guardian There is an implication that this will come out of Salvation Army Funds? Major Nottle’s comments and actions will put off other creative donations.

In the words of Paul McCartney songs now it’s the time to Let it Be because All You Need is Love (and a roof over your head). Still there is Hope of Deliverance.

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