Global Justice Now – Economics of Envy

A membership organisation, Global Justice Now 1064066  is made up of a network of activists and local groups. It works as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world.

Global Justice Now Charitable Stance

Global Justice Now (GJN) was formerly called the World Development Movement and  co-founded the Fairtrade Foundation in 1992.

From their web site they say ‘A few use the world’s resources to generate incredible wealth and power for themselves. Meanwhile, many millions of people are unable to access the essential resources – like food and water, housing and energy, healthcare and education that they need to live decent lives.’

One of it’s campaigning slogans is ‘Act Local Think Global’ but with only 6 staff it is as a coordinator of activists that it has the biggest impact.

GJN is one of over 500 UK organisations including many faith groups, trade unions and charities that are part of the Make Poverty History Group. It may be this sentence that has drawn 160 spam comments to this post by organisations selling ‘loans’ or unwanted debt products, all of which I have binned.12.7.18

Currently working with ‘our friends Campaign Against Arms Trade’ GJN has produced a series of how too campaigning guides.

My Experience

The organisation politically leans to the left, as you may expect from the causes it supports. However it seems to skirt away from direct party political influence. I am very selective when considering the individual activist actions they wish to draw me into.

GJN punches above it’s weight of donations and membership income by effective use of e-commerce for campaigning, petitioning and communication.

The views it takes on international trade helps to put across a different perspective, one that supports the effected poor.



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