It Takes Two to Tandem

1107331 – OPEN COUNTRY is a 30 year old northern based charity whose objective is to enable anyone with a disability to access the countryside. They achieve this through a variety of countryside activities including supported cycling and the provision of information, training and advice.

Thankfully 59 organisations including donors, public sector groups, charities and companies have supported this charity in the year to 31st March 2018. Let’s hope their insurers and the police are also able to support them and help replace some stolen tandem bikes that the charity recently fund raised for. These bikes were used to promote and protect the physical and mental health of disabled people. Unfortunately some ne’re-do-wells  have stolen some bikes which cost upwards of £1500 each.


  • It is a constant surprise how many people will steal from charities and those in need. How can Britain halt the moral decay that fosters thieving and fraud against charities.
  • Fortunately this charity seems to be well established with about a years cash held in reserves. Hopefully a strong network of support will help them continue the work of supporting the disabled to access and enjoy the countryside.

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