Just Because You Can – Osprey Gate

It doesn’t mean you must or should just because you could.

Since 1982, the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust 512390 has been the leading voluntary organisation promoting wildlife conservation in 19 nature reserves showcasing of some  the finest remnants of prime wildlife habitat in the county. The umbrella organisation  Royal Society Of Wildlife Trusts 207238 aims to …..’ educate the public in understanding and appreciating nature ……’

Osprey Gate

Web cams, YouTube and a special Osprey project have shown nature in the wild to an even wilder audience. Ill and injured chicks have been left to fend of themselves but some criticism about the lack of intervention has been vitriolic.

At least the media attention is going partway to fulfilling the educational aims of the trust. One of the best quotes was this ‘is not Disney World’ and just because you could intervene may not mean you should.

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