Pornography on the BBC

The charity BBC Media Action 1076235 with its sister charity in India works around the world in the areas of health, governance, humanitarian, education and climate. If like me you have never heard of this charity you may be surprised to find they spent £48m of largely  public money last year. Since 2011 the UK Department for International Development (DFID) has given a £90 million grant that was due to end in 2017 and is not yet renewed. In 2017 there were 838 staff 187 of whom are on UK contracts (23 staff earn over £60,000).  Formerly called the BBC World Service Trust the rebranded charity is not funded from the BBC or the license fee. However they work closely with the BBC sharing procedures and the chair of trustees is Francis Unsworth the Director of BBC News. (She may currently regret being in her own news).

Pornography and Harassment

This week the charity has hit the headlines in the Oxfamgate saga. Over a period under review six staff have been dismissed for sexual harassment and watching pornography on work computers. In a couple of cases no grounds for formal disciplinary action were found. In a statement the charity say none of the issues investigated involved beneficiaries nor were there any child protection issues. However problems have never been reported to the main funder DFID nor made public so who knows if further revelations will be forthcoming. After the Jimmy Savile saga do not expect any exposè programme from the BBC.
In a previous public sector case an individual was dismissed for having and watching pornography on a works computer. Surprisingly he was back at the same organisation within a couple of years. At least he was not passed on to another unsuspecting organisation.

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