Rag or Raise And Give

Raise And Give a student organised, charitable fund raising event generally of one weeks duration. They required lots more in time, planning and organising the collection of events that make up the whole. Not least of these was the publication of a Rag Mag full of politically incorrect jokes cartoons and paid for advertising.

A ‘Rag mag’ is a small booklet like those above, traditionally  sold to the local community during Rag Week.

Students saw RAG as their way of making a difference. For 2/- in 1966  the Bradford Rag mag supported half a dozen charitable organisation including the  Physically Handicapped – Able Bodied (PHAB) club, The |Guild of Help, Bradford Red Cross, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, Police Widows and Orphans Fund and the Court Mission. The need and organisations are still largely in existence 50 odd years later.


Times have moved on and my latest copy of a rag mag was a private enterprise trading on nostalgia for the old style. There was no sign of any charitable support except perhaps for the printers and publishers. The street vendor no doubt took a cut of the (cheap) cover price in the mode of the Big Issue.


An exmple of the 50 year old humour.’ What is long and red and comes at you from all directions? – stereophonic rhubarb.

If you don’t know what 2/-, stereophonic or even rhubarb is, ask a pensioner. Hint 24d or what you can afford.

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