Read Up On Charity Law, Trusteeship and Governance

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The Charity Trustee’s Handbook is produced by the Directory of Social Change (DSC) and is an essential guide for Trustees who need all the support they can get in an evermore complex charity industry. The paperback (£18.95) covers a definition of what is a trustee and asks ‘is trusteeship for you?’ It goes on with chapters on the role of a trustee board, understanding your organisation, finances, staff and volunteers. Followed by getting resources, codes of conduct and accountability are arguably the more crucial chapters. It continues with organisation of meetings delegation and ends with ‘Pulling it together’.

The book is aimed at new or prospective trustees, or those wishing to brush up their governance skills. The publishers also claim it is ‘useful to those from other sectors seeking an update on charity governance and students on third sector courses.’


Book Cover

Charity Law and Governance: A Practical Guide at £29.99 for a paperback it is not cheap but it cover most practical issues. (Click on either cover to buy from Amazon)

There are sections on:
Charity Law
Structures and legal forms for a charity
Regulation and compliance
Sources of Income
Stewardship of funds and asset. There is a useful directory at the end.

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