Seagrass Spotter

Project Seagrass was created with the mission of turning cutting-edge research into effective conservation action and education schemes, by collaborating with local communities. Seagrass meadows are subsea flowering plants that attract marine life and help fight the bacteria that are killing coral reefs. Seagrass can absorb large amounts of carbon and is a significant contributor in the environment.
During the financial year to 31 March 2018 ‘Project Seagrass received funding from;
a. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi for the development of The
Dugong and Seagrass Research Toolkit.
b. Natural England for the yearly Isles of Scilly Seagrass Monitoring
c. The Sustainable Places Research Institute, Cardiff University for
developments to our seagrass monitoring drone.’


  • Seagrass is slow to grow and is at risk from traditional anchorage methods. The national marine aquarium 1032491 is working on new ecomooring designs.
  • Cooperation among charities is seen as a viable way to optimise return for resources in the Marine environment. see MCS
  • There are plenty of niche charities to support but this may be one to keep an eye on as it develops.

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