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Protection of Birds?

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)  207076 should try to do what it says on the tin i.e. protect birds. How far they sometimes go in this endeavour is a matter of opinion. Sir Ian Botham an advocate for ‘You Forgot the Birds’ a network designed to monitor conservation charities  questions  the RSPB on many issues.
  • Do the RSPB ‘milk it’ when a golden eagle goes missing for a month? Or when a hen harrier thought to have been hunted illegally is seen 10 months later.
  • Is the RSPB spending  more on soft conservation than bird habitat or creating conditions for birds to flourish.
  • University research in 2017 claims ‘grouse moors are not the ecological deserts some campaigners claim but are teeming with endangered birds.’
  • It takes courage to manage nature and that involves controlling predators.

How is the RSPB Doing Financially

The reports and accounts for 2016/17 have just been published

  • The treasurer reports income of £140 million costing £36.1 to raise leaving a surplus ‘to spend on saving nature’.
  • There is a £90m black hole pension liability provided in the accounts so financial reserves are depleted. There is £196m tied up in nature reserves.
  • The one and a quarter million members donated £86m through subscriptions and legacies  nearly two thirds of all income.


  • The national support and goodwill towards ‘birds’ and the charity should not be abused.
  • There is an undercurrent surrounding the charity that causes concern in some quarters.
  • The detailed accounts are worth more thorough examination when they are submitted to the charity commission.

Hybrid Animal between Business and Charity

Support Adoption for Pets  Registered Charity 1104152 also registered with the Gambling Commission.

The charity provides support for national animal welfare organisations and locally based re-homing centres through a combination of grants, joint fundraising activities and events. The charity also operates small animal adoption centres in a large number of pets at home stores.

Cross Between Business & Charity

  • Support Adoption for Pets is an independent charity established by Pets at Home in 2006
  • The Charity address is c/o Pets at Home, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3RN.  Six of the Trustees of the Charity were also employees of Pets at Home Group.
  • Pets at Home branding and support is closely linked with the charity.
  • The principal funding sources for the Charity are the Support Adoption scheme, operated through Pets at Home stores, whereby donations from new pet owners, fundraising within stores, till donations, ‘Rounding Up’, charity boxes and bespoke store fundraising events contribute to the £3.6 annual income.
  • Pets at Home have 400 stores offering a  re-homing service for small pets.
  • Support Adoption for Pets offer funding support to pet re-homing organisations through a Grant Programme. The list of testimonials is impressive.
  • Private equity investors Kohlberg Kravis Roberts  recently bought the Pets at Home retail chain for a reputed £955m. They must appreciate and value the close link to this charity.
  • In a further business link the charity has a lottery managed by The Unity Lottery.  Unity itself is further administered by Sterling Management Centre, a registered External Lottery Manager.