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Clicktivism for Slacktivists

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Clicktivism versus Slacktivism

Clicktivists and Slacktavists are both sides of the same bitcoin. They are using a range of digital media tools that are making it easy to show support for causes and charities. Activists seeking social change use the methods but may find slacktavists are not the most dynamic.

Businesses, politicians and NGOs now think nothing of using Clicktivism for marketing or campaigning.  A cynic may think the hidden purpose may be to get personal details, names, email addresses, phone numbers etc etc.

Clicking to ‘like’ on facebook or retweeting on twitter takes minimal effort and arguably has little effect. Thus it is more a form of ‘Slacktivism’ or actions in support of a cause without effort.

Charity brand building and awareness development uses slacktivist tools and paraphernalia such as ‘pins’, badges, balloons,wristbands or bumper stickers. Clicktivism can’t generally achieve the same effect from a digital device’ but try harder on the click baiting.

Slacktivism is often used to promulgate the world’s reaction to major disaster when social media spread the message. Charities hone their campaigns to take advantage of social media’s ability to proliferate the message and seek donations.

Charity can ‘Clictivise’ in many ways to gain supporters, collect donations or develop awareness of the cause.

Slacktivists may  favour a product  due to it’s reputation or  history of supporting a charity and that is easier than researching options.

Clicktivism is part of social media or browsing fodder where you can ‘click a link, like a post, donate money, feel good, go back to looking at cute cat videos ..’

Be an Actionist

Read ‘Click2Change a better world at your fingertips’ for a range of topics where an individual can help create a better world using digital media.

Search  on ‘click to donate’ you will get a large number of results (I got 5million results). Then filter out the outrageous and marginal.

Search for ‘web shopping for charity’ (I got 10.4million results). From that you can consider your shopping options with a charity kicker.

Searching ‘petitions for social change’ that achieved over a million hits of which six hundred thousand were for climate change petitions.

Join in as a slacktivist as and when you feel the urge or selectively be a dynamic clicktivist for those causes you support.



Not to be confused with the UK charity 1107328 – CLIC Sargent  for children with Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood (CLIC) They benefited with other cancer charities from the £32m Text Santa  fund raiser – textavist or what?