The Center Point of Ramsbury Manor Charity

The center of this charity and it’s co-charity the Capricorn Foundation 1135174 is the income from Harry Hyams estate. Income of £440million pounds of cash and assets has been received including a £250 million debt from the estate.

Harry Hyams was a post war property magnate who built the London landmark Center Point. He built an extensive art collection from his property dealings despite suffering one of the countries largest burglaries in 2008.

Despite a life time seeking privacy and a reluctance to court publicity his collection of paintings, antiques and vintage vehicles are to be displayed to the public at his  home Ramsbury Manor.


Is it churlish to question why the ‘In the Trustees’ opinion, the Capricorn Foundation as an unincorporated charity, is not a suitable vehicle for running an operational heritage charity with public access.
They have therefore set up an incorporated charity named the Ramsbury Manor Foundation (charity registration
number 10874451) for this purpose.’ Doubtless there are inheritance and taxation issues involved.

It was Mr Hyams’ wish that the Ramsbury Manor estate and the collections should be conserved and made available for public enjoyment and education. Let us hope it is made available quicker than was the case with Center point office space.


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