Tsunami Season of Plastic Charity

Charitable donors are braced for another tsunami season! The deluge of plastic bags for the donation of clothes and brick-a-brak  is stepping up a gear after the summer holidays. Professional collection companies are becoming more adept at signing on new charities and targeting post code areas for bag drops.

No such thing as a good Tsunami

  • Why are the plastic bags generally prepackaged in another plastic wrapper – go figure.
  • The 5p single use plastic bag charge for retailers is not applicable in these cases. The majority of bags are probably never even given a single use, at least for the purpose intended.
  • Why has no charity ‘cottoned on’ to the environmental impact of ‘plastic charity’ and the seemingly random collections of home delivered bags. Paper bags or multi use receptacles could be devised.
  • The door to door distribution of bags by foot seems effective, profitable for some and job creating. Many vans driving slowly and stop starting around a local district creates pollution. Nominating  set dates for  zoned collections would help as would allowing donors to use their own receptacles.
  • What proportion of bags collected are subsequently recycled at the warehouse or charity?  A cynic would say not enough.


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