Whistle Blowing Scares the Horses

210504 – The British Horse Society is the UK’s largest membership-based equine charity.
They have had their troubles recently including  points for a refusal with trustees allegedly refusing to take complaints seriously.
There are fences down as a result of  more than its fair share of ‘Whistle-blowers’ (great horse name). That is supported by the number of non disclosure agreements (NDAs) and industrial tribunals which is indicative of a particular culture.
‘Sour grapes’ (great horse name) from the  former marketing department may just be ‘stirring up trouble’ (great horse name) but there are questions to be answered following a recent study by the Charities Commission.
‘Falling at the last fence’, Lynn Peterson chief executive, announced her retirement from  the BHS  after media stories accused the charity of having a “toxic culture”. ‘Scapegoat’ would be another great horse name.
The 2018 accounts would normally be available on the charity commission web site around this time and we wait with ‘baited horse breath’ (great horse name). Money has been spent on  Lawyers and PWC defending various claims diluting the charitable impact of the society.

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